Staycation welcomes former Paratrooper...

Former Para's love nothing more than a challenge, and at 86 years old, Mr. F thought he was on to an easy win to be our most senior customer.

Well - we look forward to welcoming him back to the dealership in 2029 when he attains the ripe old age of 95!

A highly experienced Motorhome owner, he part exchanged his beloved AutoSleeper van conversion for this Staycation Coastline. With it's slightly smaller footprint, and lusty automatic gearbox - it's a smooth drive - especially in and around the New Forest where frequent gear changes are required to navigate around those pesky ponies.

In stunning red livery - the Coastline will be on show this weekend to a few close friends and family at the annual barbecue. In this case - a few means around 50 - including 16 grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Just goes to show - you can't keep a good Para down!

Southern Motorhome Centre

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